Project Description

At our annual meeting in February 2023, the parish family determined that given our current financial situation we would commit this year to coming up with a sustainable path forward.  To that end, the vestry has written a charter, (a  document that states our mission, goals, and objectives) to for us to realistically look at our options.  The charter provides focus and helps tune the message for everyone in the parish and the larger community.

Our four objectives are:

  • First and foremost - to keep our St. Johns community together – alive and active - for worship and ministry.
  • To foster the opportunity to thrive and grow as a community.
  • To evaluate options of how best to achieve this in an ongoing, sustainable way that is within our financial/resource means.
  • To develop a recommendation to the vestry and parish - for timely action while we still have resources to make changes.

Each one of you can help.

  • Pray.  Pray for our parish family. Pray for guidance and discernment.
  • Attend our meetings and hear updates as they happen.
  • Get involved, help do the leg work to gather information.