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Lessons for Sundays and Major Holy Days from the Revised Common Lectionary. Click on month and then date to link to the lessons.


Sign up to receive an email message for 40 days during Lent (Sundays excepted). The message includes a Bible-based blog message and challenges you can participate in to "do Lent generously". Challenges are coded green, yellow, red to represent the level of effort and/or cost involved in completing the challenge. Green challenges involve less then 5 minutes of your time and usually no cost.
Information and Registration for the 2019 Convention. Opportunities for workshops, worship, social events, relaxation. Daycare or VBS for the young ones and Youth Camp for the older children.

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Check out our former Rector, Michael O'Donnell's contributions to this website. It is designed to highlight the unity, mystery, and awe of the Christian faith following the death of our Lord Jesus Christ so that today's Christians can learn from those who have gone before..